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I grew up in Kansas and Colorado, feeling very hopeful about life, got married to beautiful Judy, who gave us our lovely sweet daughter Lilli. During this time I schemed of ways to make money, wrote a newspaper column, worked on novels, and we moved around a lot because I refused to conform. After Judy and I had a tragedy in 1999, we no longer wished to live, but instead of dying, traveled the back roads of the U.S. in search of reasons to keep on going. We found one: helping people in deep grief. We started a nonprofit, Friends along the Road, to provide sanctuary and caring support for the bereaved. The Roadside Memorial Marker Project is part of this, and I will be taking walks to collect info on them; I am also compiling a data-base of roadside memorials at our website, http://www.friendsalongtheroad.org. FAR is teaching folks how they can make sanctuary anywhere, anytime, for those in grief, and as an aspect of this, we hope to establish a physical FAR Sanctuary on land in Colorado. I am seeking publication of my books, "Looking for Lilli: Living With the Death of Our Only Child;" and "A Father's Astral Diary: Looking for Lilli in the Afterlife." I would like to someday write children's fiction. Extra-physical experiences fascinate me and I have had thousands of OBEs and complex multi-level experiences that combine and transcend dreaming, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, and multi-level OBEs...my experiences are a mixture of all these things and much more. Robert Moss' Active Dreaming work is important to me. I am interested in mystical experience and healing. With my friends at the Lilli Pierce and the Big Trip message board, I am seeking Nowness/Oneness, awakening to our greater, eternal identities beyond space, time, and apparent death. We share this goal and are reaching it through conversation, meditation, prayer, and by having astral parties. Anomalies are a great interest of mine and I am always interested in accounts of mystical experiences, awakening, unidentified aerial phenomena, USOs, interdimensional beings, nonhuman intelligences, cryptids, and so forth. In e.p.e.s, I have been to Shambhala and met there with my daughter, Lilli. I believe it to be a real place between Heaven and Earth. I am interested in the time about 70,000 years ago, when, it is said, we walked with God and the World Tree was visible to all, climbing up to Heaven. Would like to better understand the waves of migrations across Asia and Russia of modern humans; and I'd like to know if there really was a Proto-World language - a common language for all. Jesus' teachings, his life, death, and, I believe, resurrection fascinate me - I am doing research into both Canonical and non-Canonical scriptures. The Gospel of Thomas has a very interesting perspective. The Ethiopian Bible and Bee Bible are intriguing, and so is the connection between the ancient Sumerian pantheon and the Elohim of the OT, as well as the connection between the Scythians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Druids, and Jesus, who seems to have been a confluence of sacred bloodlines from these various but entwined cultures.
Wichita, Kansas
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Christian mysticism, oneness nowness
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